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FIXED HF1HC-1S Beverage Air compressor overload switch location


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Jan 13, 2023
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1-5 years
Howdy all,

My Beverage Air freezer HF1HC-1S recently stopped freezing, the compressor runs for a very short time (about five seconds) . Looking through the troubleshooting I'd like to begin by replacing the overload but I can't locate the part on the freezer. I was given part number 313-066D for the overload so I assume it has one. Can anyone point me to where it is located? The only diagram I could find was electrical and it shows the overload wired to the compressor - but I sure can't find it!

Thanks for the help!


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the compressor runs for a very short time (about five seconds)

That is not 'running'. That is trying to run.

I can't locate the [overload] on the freezer.

It's usually mounted to the compressor. It looks like this:


I'd like to begin by replacing the overload

The compressor overload is rarely responsible for problems. It trips due to other causes. Replacing it is a waste of time IMO.

Testing the resistance of the compressor windings, and for shorts to ground, would usually be one of the first things that needs to be done.

measure comp terminals.jpeg compressor terminal ID.jpeg

Next might be measuring the compressor's amperage draw when trying to run.

Dan O.
Little late, but to update the thread it was a faulty start capacitor. Contacted the company and they gave specs I could check.Simple $15 fix.
Start capacitors are often found on commercial units, seldom on domestic units in case others come across this thread.

Thanks for the followup. Glad that was all it was. (y)

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