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High End Ranges, Stove Top Igniters Keep Clicking


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Nov 19, 2020
Model Number
6-10 years
When you get a call about a high end range where the igniters keep clicking even though the burner on, what is the best route to fixing the issue? Is it best to just swap out the igniters and spark modules or try to clean the burners and existing igniters? Idk why I suddenly got 3 of these calls in one week but I know they can be a pain to get working properly. What exactly causes this to happen, does anyone know or is it just something we know happens and cleaning the burners helps?
What do you call high end? Oops I see above. With Wolf it depends on the model you're working on and even by ser # it's different. Haven't worked on Dacor for a number of years but most common was house cleaners spraying the top and improper placement of burners. I don't consider DCS high end. Remember constant ignition while lit means it thinks flame is out and reignites.
So usually just misaligned or dirty burner caps/igniters then? I thought a faulty spark module could make them keep lighting too. And obviously a direct short somewhere in the wire going through the cavity.

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