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HISENSE RW46N1DSD interior fans not running


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Aug 21, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a wine refrigerator with dual zones. About six months ago, the fridge was no longer cooling following a power outage. I finally started to troubleshoot the issue.
1. I Replaced the start relay
2. Compressor works
3. Compressor fan works
4. Copper tubing is cold
5. Interior Lights work
6. Alarm sounds when interior gets over 79 degrees.
Did you check voltage to the interior fans?

How do I gain access to check?


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Having trouble gaining access. Took three of the four screws out that mount each fan iin the back panel but there’s no slack in the wires to test them
That I don't know, sorry, I not worked on this brand or model as of yet. You can search Google for a service manual or Youtube for a video to access the fan motor.

I have no experience with that model either but I don't know what just loosening the motor mounting screws would accomplish. The whole rear evaporator cover panel likely needs to be removed to access the motor and components behind it. One of its screws are indicated in this image.

Hisense cover.jpg

There are likely more screws around the edges of the cover.

PS. You might want to be extra careful of the loose motor if you leave it unattached.


Dan O.

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