Hoping to find 8 position selector switch for a dual fuel Viking Professional. Part number is PJ030001.

Good idea. I did reach out to the one that sold recently but I hadn’t seen others that have sold. I’m going to have to find them somewhere and contact those sellers also! Thanks.:)
Not about to buy a new one or get rid of this one just because the selector switch isn’t working. So we’re just going to be without an oven indefinitely. Not ideal since I cook a lot, but hoping eventually we find part. It would seem if somebody had this model, and something else more major went. They’d be selling these parts off
If it were mine, as the existing switch isn't working, I would attempt to disassemble and repair the existing selector switch taking reassembly pics during the process. Perhaps all the contacts are dirty (recently fixed an obsolete irrigation selector switch cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol this way), perhaps an internal piece is broken and can be repaired or is common to a similar available switch of the same make. I have no idea about the current condition of your switch but have repaired electro-mechanical parts in the past to keep them going. Not much to lose with no available direct replacement. Best wishes.
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Odd question, but do you know if we could use a different model selector switch? The one we need is an eight selector switch, but there are models that are five selections. We were wondering if that would maybe be a way to at least get the bake and maybe broil function working. I don’t care if we have high broil, low broil, convect, etc. If we could just get the basic function working, we could use the oven for now. while I’m looking at a part. It seems like that could feasibly work as long as it’s not a fire hazard.
i asked the same question for all the same reasons but my appliance tech told me it had to be exact. Maybe someone would know a different way to make a 3 way switch to work but my guy wouldnt even consider it
The Viking authorize guy won’t do it either but I now found two other models of selector switches for Viking that appeared to be the exact same module with the different configurations of the gold tabs where the wires hook up on the back. One is a three selector and one is a five selector.
We’re still not having any luck finding the correct model, PJ030001 so we’re going to try it. It would seem it would get some of the functions working and all of them have a function that is bake. I don’t care if we get both kinds of convect, working, and high and low broil etc
If this three selector we have coming works then we’re gonna order the one that’s the same box but it’s a five selector
Hi Lori.....Am in the exact same situation. So frustrating. Was also wondering if another 2 or 3 position swich might work, anything, so that the thing willl at least bake again. Any new information on your efforts? thanks, John
Well we realize that even though we had one of the certified techs listed on the Viking site look at the oven and another guy that’s done repaired wire oven and our subzero who seem to know a lot about Viking, neither of them took the panel off and looked at the wiring of the selector switch. So we did. The wires are connected directly to that selector switch module. They have connectors in that electrical line. One of the connectors had burned up. And it burned one next to it and it looks like it even burn part of the wire next to that. So we are about to change out the wires on those. It’s something you can do yourself. I spoke with the Viking tech and they said we could do it ourselves. I spoke to the technician that looked at it and he didn’t want to do it and recommended that we just do it. They sell those connectors at Home Depot and Lowe’s. You just have to make sure you wrap everything in electrical wire so there’s no exposed metal.

So my suggestion would be to first remove all the knobs in that front panel and got a good look at the wires. It’s kind of a pain because you would have to also disconnect all the lights on the front. Or they’ll fall off. Take photos as you’re dismantling it so you put it back together the same
The Viking tech thought it was likely that the wires were burned out and the selector switch might be just fine.
🙏🙏🙏 that connecting the wires fixes it!
We also bought one that is a three position that looks exactly the same as the module that you and I are looking for… Except for less of the connection tabs on the on except for less of the connection tabs on the back. The wiring doesn’t fix it. We’re going to try that module. I’ll let you know if it works.
The module that looks exactly the same but it’s only a three position selector switch is PJ 030010
We bought one and I are going to try it to see if it will at least get the big function working-and fixing the burned out wires
The module that looks exactly the same but it’s only a three position selector switch is PJ 030010
We bought one and I are going to try it to see if it will at least get the big function working-and fixing the burned out wires
Appreciate all this info Lori. Have been making calls and emailing compamies to see if there are any options for us. Still no luck yet. Will let you know when I find out anything. One of the companys I am waiting to hear back from is the original part manufacturer in China......doubtful I will hear back from them. Good luck to both of us!! Soooo frustrating.....we love our oven and other than the stupid switch it is still like brand new.....we don't cook much and never even ever used the griddle or the grill.......
We are in the same boat, our oven works great except for this dang switch! I thought that part was manufactured in Mexico. I think that’s what it says on the back of my existing broken switch. I emailed a couple companies that make parts for Viking out of Mexico, but I don’t think they make that part. I think they make screws.
I hope we both find the part! Super frustrating since I cook A LOT.
I spoke with the VikingTechnicsl said this part was used for 10 years and ovens and wall ovens. It’s in a lot of models. He told me that they tried to get the company to run more but they wouldn’t and they’ve looked at other companies. But then I talked to somebody in parts that seem to think that wasn’t the case. That when it stops being manufactured, that’s just it and Viking doesn’t do anything about it.
Thanks Lori......Part was apparently made in both countries.....glad you tried Mexico. I was going to but couldn't find a complany name. By any chance did the Vicki?Tech have any comment on trying a 3 position and just losing most most functions?
Don’t try that! We did, and it made a big pop, and we had to shut the power off!
Hoping we didn’t do more damage
Thanks for all the solution searches and updates everyone! We’re having the same switch issue. I’m not great with web searching but I will at least call Viking so that we get added to their list of people with this issue.
I’m not great with web searching

As I replied previously:

If you click "🤎 Save this search" at the following link, eBay will email you when new items matching the search terms become available. Maybe another will come up in the near future.

LINK > Viking PJ030001 Switch search results

I see a used switch was sold Dec.1, 2022, one Dec.28. 2022, a new one Dec.31, 2022 and multiple in Oct. 2022.

Also one Jan.18, 2023 and another new one Jan.22, 2023!


Dan O.
Hi everyone one, I can fix the selector switch, for the labor and parts if needed I charge 250$. You can write me in person here.
That would be great. … Any background information on you so we know we’re paying somebody that can fix it?
Also one Jan.18, 2023 and another new one Jan.22, 2023!

On eBay? I have been on eBay all day every day… Except the 23rd because I was on a flight! But I think I still checked it several times that day. where are you finding them??

Similar numbers of come available but I have not seen any. JP030001 There have been them ending in 10.

How can you see them once they are sold? I’ve been trying to do that and can’t find a way to.
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I have multiple searches saved with the word switching it without the word switch some that just say Viking and the number… I have not got one email saying that any come available that are exactly that part number. I don’t get it
How can you see them once they are sold? I’ve been trying to do that and can’t find a way to.

By using the 'advanced' search function and selecting 'Completed listings' option.

- LINK > Completed Items Search Results

I have multiple searches saved... I have not got one email

I don't know what searches you're trying nor your email settings at eBay. The search I suggested previously should be sufficient. Make sure your email settings are set correctly. I can't recall if eBay has a setting for how often emails are sent eg. daily/weekly/monthly, etc.).

I have not seen any. JP030001

That is not the correct number BTW.

Dan O.
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