Hoping to find 8 position selector switch for a dual fuel Viking Professional. Part number is PJ030001.

Spacing. My searches are correct though it’s PJ030001
I have some thing like 10 searches set up with varying ways of how are you say Viking range selector switch and that number… And I’m still not getting any emails when these have come on. Can’t believe I missed him. I’d check all day every day.

It’s PJ030001
My searches are correct:)
Lori, Someone was just kind enough to let me know about a company that rebuilds these with a 1 year guarantee, tested, and as good as new. Genuine Appliance Part Sales at 1-800-772-1193. Thats all I know, will be calling in the a.m.
Thank you. I did reach out to them, but I only got a voice mailbox to leave a message and nobody’s calling me back. I thought maybe it was a scam because of that so I’ll keep trying them!
Thank you!
Lori, AutomatedSearches.com........You will get you switch......It is an instantaneous alert app for listings on Ebay. Thats how people were able to get this part so fast.....works great, just have to pull the trigger the minute you get the notifications......John
Thank you! i’m set for alerts on eBay, but I’m not getting them which is strange since I have alerts that for other things on eBay and I am getting them
Lori, I may be wrong but I think you only get ebay alerts once a day, There are apps out there that will give you instantaneous alerts when a particular item is listed. That ijs how these parts are selling so fast. I may be wrong, but that is how I was finally able to get one. Good Luck, John
Not about to buy a new one or get rid of this one just because the selector switch isn’t working. So we’re just going to be without an oven indefinitely. Not ideal since I cook a lot, but hoping eventually we find part. It would seem if somebody had this model, and something else more major went. They’d be selling these parts off
Lori...switch on Ebay this a.m.
Really? I downloaded that app so I can get immediate alerts and I have not gotten an alert saying one came available today… Are you sure it’s the same switch number?
It was, It sold. PJ030001. What app.are you using? I got the notification. Keep the faith. Find out why you are not getting instant notifications. I tested it using Beanie Babies. The good news is you Will get one!!
eBay still shows the last PJ030001 that was sold was Jan.31st unless that part number wasn't in the listing title.

PJ030001 Completed listings:
- LINK > Completed Items Search Results

There was a switch # PJ030010 that sold Feb.03.


Dan O.
I am looking for a PJ 030001 like the rest of you. But I also want to see if I could repair a failed one. Please let me know if you would be willing to send me your old non working PJ030001. I am more than happy to pay for postage.
Thanks all!
Update. I was able to get the part on eBay and it doesn’t work. So we thought maybe the part didn’t work because it is used even though it says tested. So we waited and I was able to get another one! It doesn’t work either. Which means both technicians that looked at the range misdiagnosed it so we’re back to square one. Might not have even needed this part!
So I may be selling a couple PJ030001s as soon as we figure out what’s actually wrong with our oven.
Hey Lori,
That sounds quite frustrating. Let me know if you're getting rid of one of the working and or non working selectors. I would keep one of the ones you purchased if I were you. Just in case you need one in the future.
Good luck!
Yeah that’s what we were thinking. Since they’re so hard to come by I should keep it. But if that’s not the issue with it, I’ll still have a spare to sell. Actually, one of them I can return if it’s actually just a nonworking switch.
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