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Hot to the Touch Brand New LG Double Wall Oven LWD3063ST


Aug 25, 2020
Dunn Loring, VA
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Hello! Yesterday my 17 year old Thermador double wall oven was replaced with an LG Double wall oven LWD3063ST. The installation was done correctly, although I'm not pleased with how they left the bottom unfinished. When I turned on the LG to 400 degree to run for the required 30 minutes, I was basically aghast. The doors became hot, not burning, but too warm. (I have a small children who this would definitely not be safe.) My very large open kitchen heated up to a temperature that I would not be able to frost cakes properly. I a baker and use my oven a lot obviously. When I turned off the oven, the vent at the bottom moved all the hot air out in a strong steady flow that would be dangerous for one of the kids to stand in front. I could also feel the hot hair blowing out of the oven at the top, middle and bottom as I walked by. My 17-year-old Thermador didn't have ANY of these problems. I am going to return the LG. Might any of you have recommendations of electric double wall ovens that DO NOT get hot on the outside or heat up the kitchen?
Thank you!

Dan O.

Appliance Tech
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Oct 9, 2004
I have no data on any specific model but you can read about the temperature allowances for cooking products at the following link.

LINK > How hot should my stove be to the touch?

Modern ranges do not have insulation in the doors. They cool by allowing air to circular through the door. Room air enters the door at the bottom, as it heats it rises to exit the door at the top. That convection current cools to the outer door to some degree.

The oven cavity also needs air circulation for even cooking. Air enters the oven cavity at the bottom of the door and eventually vents into the room air either above the door or through a vent in the control panel. Even older models did that.

I do not know of any specific models with a door that remains cool during use. Sorry. I do recall some KitchenAid oven models that had an extra outer glass on the door. (Usually there is just the inner panel and then an outer door glass.) I however do not know how those KitchenAid oven models performed during actual use, exterior temperature wise.

emasturzo said:
The installation was done correctly, although I'm not pleased with how they left the bottom unfinished.

There are panels that can be used to cover any extra space left after oven installation.

LINK > Micro-Trim - Build-in trim kits

Dan O.