FIXED Hotpoint RC-11 Range - fluorescent light & capacitor


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Mar 8, 2021
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Will a higher rated capacitor than what's original work with new fluorescent tubes?

I'm restoring an old Hotpoint RC-11 range that has a 30" fluorescent tube that won't light. I replaced the T8 tube that was in the range with a new one but it still doesn't light. Everything else works.

Tracing this lights circuit, I found what looks to be a 1" long, paper waxed capacitor in-line just before the flourescent fixture. "looks to be" = I've never seen a capacitor this old before, but when I scraped off the wax, the device read.

.006 MFD
120 V.A.C

That ^ label looks like a capacitor to me :) But when I search Mouser, JustRadios, and TubesAndMore, I cannot find a 120 volt AC rated for .006 mfd.

Is this capacitor part of the fluorescent starter? or is it a safety cap? or is it just there to clean up line noise (so I can just remove it from the light circuit)?
And what rating can I replace it with?

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Finally made time to post pics of this cap. See them below.

The cap is between the white/neutral bus bar to hot terminal of the light.

I've since fixed the "won't light" issue -- this circuit was behind a blown fuse. I replaced the fuse, the tube tries to light, but it just flickers now.

After I look at this circuit again, I suspect the cap is just for line noise so was a red herring ...

Any obvious reasons why a tube only flickers? This fixture doesn't have a big ballast as far as I can tell.


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Any obvious reasons why a tube only flickers?
Bad bulb? Everytime one of my shop lights starts flickering, I just replace the bulb/tube and it stops.
Well I'll be -- a new tube worked. The flickering tube was also new (bought 2 weeks ago). Hah!

Back to my original posting: I'll eventually find this cap's replacement. For now it doesn't bother the tube.

For a bit of another chuckle -- I found a mouse in the back of the range. He's an example of Safety 1st:


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