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Hotpoint side by side is always running


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Aug 14, 2010
beverly, MA
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I have a Hotpoint side by side refrigerator. It is always running. we have replaced the sensors and thermostat, but it is always running. Both fridge and freezer are cold, but it just never shuts off. Not sure what to check or change next. Any suggestions
Refrigerators run 80% of the time nowadays, and with the summer heat expect that to increase to 90% or higher.

So if nothing is freezing in your refrigerator section, then thats normal.

My only problem with that is that is was not running like this a month ago or a week ago. It started like this before we replaced the sensors and now is acting up again. And BTW is it actually cooler now than is has been all summer.:(
I really don't know why its running all the time, but if its not freezing stuff in your refrigerator section, then its fine.

Put a thermometer in your freezer section and tell me what it reads.

This is the one I use in mine, you can order it by clicking the photo:


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