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How do I make my refrigerator work in the garage if the Garage Kit (5303918301) is not compatible?

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Dec 9, 2016
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A few weeks ago I purchased a Frigidaire FFTR2021QS6 for the garage to provide additional refrigerator and freezer space. I was told by multiple people it was not "garage-ready", and that it would not operate properly in temperatures below 55 degrees. However I could use the Garage Kit (Part #5303918301) to make it operate in lower temperatures. The only trade off was that the kit forces the refrigerator to operate, even when the actual temperature in the refrigerated section is at the proper temperature, thereby potentially freezing items in the refrigerator, though keeping the freezer section at an adequate temperature to keep items frozen. I am more concerned with keeping items in the freezer frozen, than i am with possibly freezing items in the refrigerator, so I bought the kit.

When I attempted to install the kit, it became clear to me that the kit is not compatible with my refrigerator,even though the kit is advertised as working with all top-freezer models built after 2001, that are not counter depth, or have digital controls. The space where the heater connects is now the location of a circuit board and housing, and the electrical connections are not the same. Frigidaire corporate has only gone so far as to tell me that the kit is compatible with my model, and that i'm having trouble installing it, I should pay a certified Frigidaire technician to install it. I'm not paying a technician to come out and tell me its not compatible. It looks to me like frigidaire/electrolux has redesigned the refrigerator control boxes for the top-freezer refrigerator units, and they are no longer compatible with the existing garage kit.

My question is, has anyone else run into this situation, and either figured out how to install the garage kit so that it works with the new model refrigerators? Does anyone know if there is a new garage kit available, or even in the works with Frigidaire? If none of the above, does anyone know of a trick or alternative to the existing garage kit to make the refrigerator operate in below 55 degree temps? I have attached a photo of my refrigerator control box for reference.



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Jul 11, 2006
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Your machine should be OK in a garage and work normally unless the temperature drops below 40*F for more than several days. When it does make a mini drop light with a 5 watt christmas tree light bulb and place on the refrigerator shelf closest to the the control. Be sure to secure it to the shelf. Go into the compartment on the hinge side between the door gasket and cabinet.

For temperatures 20*F and above turn it on at night and off during the day. Below that leave it on. Below 10*F also place a 100 Watt light bulb next to the compressor in the machine compartment. That keeps the compressor oil from getting to thick and the compressor doesn't have to work so hard. I've made a few and haven't had any problems with them but this way is entirely up to you. I make no guarantees this will work for you.
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