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How to remove and replace Frigidaire Electrolux Timer 131583200


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Jul 1, 2020
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Hey guys,

I didn't see any videos on how to replace Timer 131583200 so I figured Id put up some pics. Its pretty easy but you need to be gentle with these plastic parts and you must be very cognizant of placement of the connectors. I had the same issue as this gentleman: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...-or-progress-when-i-set-it.41375/#post-210437. My machine was filling with water but not agitating. I could move it into Knits and Delicates cycle and get it to pump out the water and fast-spin, but then it would never stop fast-spinning. I changed the timer for a used unit and its working now.

You need a square head screw driver or bit for your screw / impact gun.


If you have a stacked dryer you don't even need to take it off, just move it to the side a little.

There are two white plugs on the bottom face of the dryer. Just remove them and take out the 2 screws. Then lift the front of the machine up and move over the two ears that the screws bite into and move it to the side. Be careful with the black plastic parts at the top (left/center when looking from front) of the washing machine. They are moving parts and you dont wanna break them when moving dryer on top of the washing machine.

Like this:

Then remove the timer thumb-turn by screwing it counterclockwise.

Then looking inside you'll see 2 black tabs. Press those in gently with 2 screwdrivers and pull the thumb-turn-surround straight out. I'm pointing to one of the tabs here (I had already removed the "surround" in this pic):


Here is the surround on it's way out after depressing the black tabs:


Now remove the 2 screws behind the thumb-turn seen in the picture. They are short screws. DON'T DROP THEM. This will release the timer from the face of the machine. If the screws are obstructed by the black plastic, just turn it clockwise gently.


Now take pictures of the timer connections! Here are some of mine just in case you didn't do so before hand. There is no indication where some these connectors are to be placed so if you don't a picture for reference, you're screwed, with the exception of the larger connectors which have color guides.


Remove and replace the connections into your new timer, and push is through the back of the black plastic thing GENTLY. It needs to fit a certain way. If it doesn't, you need to rotate the black plastic thing. Its a "4 leaf clover" on the shaft of the timer and on the black plastic thing so you need to align them for the shaft to slide through. (see picture above for reference)

Then screw timer to the face plate with the 2 short screws you took out.

Then replace the thumb-turn-surround. But look at the back of it carefully. ***It goes into the black plastic thing a very particular way.*** I cannot upload any more pics ...10 max. Sorry. Just look at it carefully and match it to the orientation of the black plastic thing.

Then screw the thumb-turn into the timer shaft. Plug in machine and try a cycle.

If its agitating etc, then put the dryer back in place and you're done!


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