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HSS25IFMCWW How much flow is supposed to come out of the water inlet on a HotPoint Ice Maker?


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Jun 25, 2020
Fort Payne, AL
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I unplugged my ice maker in a HotPoint refrigerator's freezer to see what I can figure out about it producing low amounts of ice. It freezes solid ice but it is so slow that it can't keep up with my family's demand and it used to just fine. After I cleaned it up and reconnected it, the water came on when switched, but only for about 1-2 seconds max and turned off instantly. I know this was not nearly enough amount of water to fill the tray. Is this a normal behavior and it comes out little by little or should this be a faster or longer flow? Also what should I look into if it is faulty? The water inlet valve or is it electronic most likely? Thanks in advance for any insight into this issue.

Brand: Actually Hotpoint
It should fill for about 5 seconds. It should have good water flow into the ice maker.

Its either the ice maker or water valve that's bad. Disconnect the two wire connector on the ice maker solenoid on the water valve and insert your meter leads, one in each wire. Force cycle the ice maker and check how long the 120 VAC is applied to the solenoid. In test mode it's about five seconds. If the fill time is correct the water valve solenoid might be sticking open after the voltage is removed. This happens when the water valve is starting to fail. During the first 15 seconds that power is first applied to the ice maker, the Service Diagnostic Test mode may be entered.

The service mode is entered by pushing the feeler arm from the “out” position to the “in” position and back again 3 times and only 3 times within 15 seconds. The service diagnostic mode consists of a harvest cycle followed by a water fill. The harvest cycle is entered immediately, regardless of ice maker temperature or arm position. While in the harvest cycle in the service mode, the heater will remain on for a minimum of 20 seconds. The water fill cycle will initiate the first fill (5.1 seconds) without waiting for the mold to “prechill”. Only one water fill occurs during the service mode, whether the thermistor has reached 39.2°F (4°C) or not. The ice maker will exit the service diagnostic test on its own and enter the normal freeze cycle.
WR57X10032 Water Inlet Valve

WR30X10093 Electromechanical Icemaker Kit

Ok I will check this out. I also noticed that the temperature of the freezer is 10° F and not 0. I know it can mean a number of things but could that be contributing too to the poor performance?
Normal Freezer temps should always be between 0 to 10 degrees. If its stays at just 10 degrees or higher at all times, then your condenser is possibly clogged up. Have you cleaned your condenser coil?


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