I appreciate this forum!

frustrated guy

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Sep 20, 2020
So. CA
I signed on as a new member. Answered a question with my experience (not expertise but experience). I felt that paying something forward should earn me the karma to ask a question. My question was immediately addressed by a senior member and expert. I am on the road to fixing my problem.

When I am done, I will give an update and hopefully my post will end up with one of those big fat red banners that says "fixed."

Nice place here; good to be here.

Frustrated Guy
This site is awesome... great guys here that are super helpful and knowledgeable. Don't forget, there's a "Donate" button at the bottom of these pages. Anytime I've gotten help, I always show these guys some love with a tip, considering they saved me a ton in repair costs! ;)
Thanks guys!

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