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I caused HE3t no power problem. But how?


Jul 8, 2023
Bremerton Washington
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Kenmore elite he3t wouldn't drain or spin. So
I took the front panel off and cleaned out the pump filter. Put it back together and ran the rinse cycle. Now it did drain and spin. When the cycle had only like a minute left, I noticed that all the dirty laundry that I had sorted into piles on the floor were now totally soaked and the water was coming from under the washing machine. So I took it apart again and noticed that I hadn't put the filter in all the way. DUH! So I put it in all the way. there didn't seem to be any water inside the machine because it had gone on through to the drawer in the pedestal underneath the washer and the rest to soak the piles of laundry. So I put the washer back together and put one load of the soaked laundry in the washing machine. I plugged it back in and there was nothing. There is no power -- nothing. If water was going to cause a shorter something, wouldn't that have happened while it was running? How could taking the front off, putting the filter in all the way, and then putting the front back on have caused no power?

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