I got screwed by A & E factory repair service

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May 19, 2006
Yes A & E factory repair service in columbus, ohio screwed me out of 59.99 when i made the service call I was told that there was a fee of 59.99 just to come out and check and see what was wrong. But if I had them repair the problem I would not be charged this fee But sure enough they still charged me this fee. So bewear they will rip you off as well I tried to talk to them but they said oh well you still got charged and they would not even let me talk to the generial manager so i guess if I can stop this company from screwing more people, Even more so those people such as myself who is per, disabled and on a very tight limited income. Now whats even worse i feel i got screwed even worse by frigidare as I have had this same problem ever since I bought this refrig and freezer. so I pray nobody ever buys one of their products ever again.


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Apr 3, 2006
S. Central PA
The A&E (sears) call taker that took the order was at fault... It should be 59.99 fixed or not just to come out... the 59.99 is included in the labor charge. Its costs the company an average of 82.00 to send a tech to a house. In my area we are 65.00 to come out... And since the call taker told you wrong they could have waived the trip ..