I have solved the Maytag WALKING problem


Feb 3, 2011
Mesa AZ
Ok, bought a set of MAH9700awm washer and gas dryer with pedastals 5years old on craigslist for a steal....$500.00 for the set. Since my old washer and dryer were better than 21 years old wife said get a new pair so I did. Well, got them home and the washer started to walk severly on and around 7-900rpm spin cycle. I know my level is accurate so that was not the problem. I tried the rubber washers under the feet that the guy gave me when he sold them too me but that did not solve the problem. Soooooooo..:D

I bought a Horse matt from the local feed store $50.00 (be careful, 3/4 inch thick non poreous rubber and probably 60-70lbs.) and you can order them online for less, cut it to size so that it went under both the washer and dryer. Washer still walked. I then took one leg out and went to Home Depot. I found the exact same thread of bolts as the feet and purchased 4 of them. I them screwed them in from the top instead of the coming up from the bottom like the feet so that the washer now sits on four bolts on top of the horse matt....

WOW no more vibration and after 25 plus loads (more than 5 with 1-2 large towels) no more walking and no more vibrations. Also there is no more pause at the 8 minute countdown mark waiting for the washer to balance itself.:cool: