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Ice buildup and occasional water leaking from LG LFXC24726S


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Aug 2, 2023
Chicago, IL
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6-10 years
We moved into a condo that had a 7 year old LG LFXC24726S. Cools fine. No issues with the ice maker or water. All good.

Except that we've had buildup of ice at the back of the refrigerator - behind the vegetable crispers and under the wide drawer. Freezer is dry. On rare occasions (once a month?), we've had some water pooling toward the front of the fridge, and sometimes that pooling leaks out and dribbles onto the floor.

I think the most likely culprit is the evaporator drain being clogged, or freezing up (causing these other problems). I know Samsungs have this problem a LOT, and there are clips out there to keep the drain area from freezing. The problem is that I don't know how to confirm this on my LG or fix it. I can do a full manual defrost, which might work if the drain just froze over once. But if it's clogged, it will recur. And if it's freezing, it will likely freeze again.

Rick showed a few photos of pulling open the multi-duct here:

But mine doesn't look quite like that -- my multi-duct goes down all the way to the bottom left of the fridge, and even with the three visible screws removed, the bottom part is *very* tightly on and doesn't seem like something I can pop off. And I don't see where the lead wire can be disconnected. Here's my exact multi-duct.

From the repair manual:

It looks like the evaporator should be accessible from inside the fridge behind the multi-duct, but dang if I can figure out how to get at it without giving a big tug on that plastic multi-duct. (Which the previous owner seems to have cracked slightly... adding to my hesitancy.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
OK. I got braver about busting the multi-duct as I thought about the cost of buying a new fridge. So I popped off the multi-duct section by section.

Underneath, the evaporator coils are completely encased in ice -- see the photo below. I'll melt it with a hair dryer.

Then I'm thinking:
- Make sure the drain is clear
- Attach one of those clips meant for the Samsung to extend the heat of the coils down into the drain a bit
- Reassemble
- Turn the circuit back on
- Cross fingers

Any other advice?
There's the photo. The drain worked fine, but also doesn't accommodate the Samsung clip. So I put the multi-duct back on and fired up the fridge again. Crossing my fingers. But if the ice build-up recurs, what would I look for next?


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