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Ice Maker Slow To Produce Ice


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Aug 3, 2023
Model Number
LFXC24726S /02
6-10 years
I have an LG LFXC24726S /02 French Door unit.

I just recently replaced both the water inlet valve, the door water valve and unclogged the fridge/freezer drain hoses which were stuck and causing water/ice build up. We had issues with low pressure on the water dispenser although ice production was just fine. After replacing both valves everything was fine for a couple of weeks until the power went out for a few days and we had to run off of a generator that was not working well (assume spikes in power etc). Since then ice production has been very slow. Maybe 1-2 trays of ice per day - IcePlus seems to make no difference at all. It was never great before but this is noticeably slower. I have run a diagnostic on the ice unit and it appears to be functioning just fine. When I use a magnet to simulate a door closed, I feel very cold air coming from the top vent but nothing from the bottom vent (see attached pic) that feed the ice maker and I was wondering if that was part of the issue?

As far as I can tell, everything else is working just fine. Freezer/Fridge nice and cold. The unit has had it's compressor replaced under factory warranty.

Appreciate any thoughts/advice?



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