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InfoLight on SHEM78ZH5N?


Jan 17, 2023
San Francisco
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Got a new Bosch SHEM78ZH5N (800 series) dishwasher. The official listed features include the red "InfoLight" which shines on the floor to let one know that the dishwasher is running. The problem is that when we first turned in on there was no red Infolight in the floor like we had with the Bosch dishwasher that we just replaced. I thought that perhaps the setting for the InfoLight was turned off, so I went into the dishwasher's user settings menu but discovered to my surprise that there isn't even a setting for turning the InfoLight on and off (!). There's a setting for turning the small front panel LCD display on and off but for the InfoLight no setting at all. I'm baffled. Shouldn't any Bosch dishwasher with an InfoLight have a user setting in the menu for turning on and off the InfoLight? (Since some people may not want a bright red light shining on the kitchen floor). Or is it possible that this dishwasher model isn't even supposed to have an InfoLight and the Bosch website made an error in listing it as a feature of the SHEM78ZH5N?

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