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Inglis IGD4400VQ1 Heats on High Heat Timed Cycle but not High Heat Regular Cycle


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Feb 10, 2023
pittsburgh pa
Model Number
More than 10 years
So this is a recent happening. The only heated cycle that works is the high heat timed ( up to 30 mins )
The low heat cycle does not work either.
I've replaced the thermal fuse in the past but this seems to be a different issue.
Was thinking the cycling thermostat but should i replace the thermal fuse too?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Frank, if the thermal fuse was bad it would not heat at all period.

Yes, sounds like the cycling thermostat is bad.

Unplug your dryer, then get access to the cycling thermostat, its located on your blower wheel housing. Then remove the two smaller wires on it, leave the two larger wires in place.

Set your multimeter on 20K Ohms, Then ohm test your heater thermostat, which are those two smaller wire terminals(on the cycling thermostat) you just removed the two smaller wires from, and tell us the ohms you get.

It should be about 3KΩ to 7KΩ. If not, you will need to order a new cycling thermostat:
WP3387134 Dryer Cycling Thermostat

There is a video in the cycling thermostat part link that shows you how to access it and replace it.
So I replaced the cycling thermostat and reads in that range but still having same issue.
Cleaned all vents, the only time the heater element seems to work is on high heat and the timed cycle.
Even though there is no heat dial still moves
Automatic Dry low heat does not heat low? But the timer keeps advancing till it turns the dryer off?
Screenshot 2023-04-06 09.32.06.png

Ok, Your temperatures are intergraded into the timer.

Here's the timer for your model, if needed:
WPW10185971 Timer

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