Insinkerator Model 17-55


Apr 3, 2021
Cookeville, TN
Model Number
More than 10 years
My church has an Insinkerator model 17-55 and the stopper/magnetic switch has been lost. What are the options to return the garbage disposal to service since the stopper/magnetic switch does not seem to be available anymore?
You can bypass the magnetic switch in the disposer then plug the power cord into a wall outlet that's controlled by a wall switch or install your own wall switch between the outlet and disposer.
Older model ISE units didn't use a magnetic stopper but just a mechanical one. The ISE stopper part # was 1019-C and there was a KitchenAid version part # 4211474. Both appear to be discontinued. I'm afraid I don't know where you'd find either.

You could check with a local ISE service depot. They might have a used one still kicking around from a unit that was scrapped?

LINK > ISE Service Depots

The only other options I can think of is bypass the on/off switch and install a wall switch instead as Rick said. You'd then need to find some type of stopper to cover it while in use. Either that or replace the whole disposal with a new unit.

There are several ‘batch feed’ disposers still available.

LINK > Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

Dan O.
I did find one web site that says they have stock on the needed stopper. If you're interested I'd suggest you call to find out for certain. I do not have any previous experience with this particular company.

LINK > ISE Stopper @ SuppliesDepot

Dan O.
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