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Intermittent Control Panel Problem


Jan 2, 2014
Port Saint Lucie
Model Number
Dryer came with home so not sure of the age. The control knob was broken from the start and previous owner used pliers to turn control. Several months ago it started to lockup after a load was dried (lights on the panel on but pushing a button just caused a beep without change). If the cycle was changed by turning the control it would skip some of the cycles but the lights would change around the dial. This would not change the problem of it being locked up however removing power would correct things and it would work for a while. It then would not work with just cycling the power but if turned off for a few hours it would again work correctly (and the dryer cycles could be changed without a problem). Now it will run one time and lock up and take longer to work again after power is removed and restored. When it was working I did a user interface test did not get an error however when locked up there is no way to test anything.

Is this the user interface or something else? Is the interface an all-or-nothing replacement (it is made up of three boards with a small one that seems to be the control knob position sender)? If it is the user interface, it seems the ones that match the unit color (bisque) are all back ordered. Will the interface listed in other colors work (other than having buttons that don't match the rest of the dryer? Part number on the interface in the dryer is 8559431

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