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Is a 19 year old Wolf dual fuel 36" range worth buying?


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Jan 7, 2022
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More than 10 years

I fund a 36" perfect condition dual fuel wolf range I'd like to buy. Problem is, the range build date is 2003... and seller won't budge off $6500 for it.

Range looks perfect, it seems to have been refurbished. I'm just hesitant about a 19 year old range specially when wolf only keeps parts for up to 20 years.

I found several newer ranges but all gas for less money. Not sure what to do, if the range was newer, I wouldn't mind paying 6.5k. What do you all think?
Being a servicer for SZ/WOLF I think the $ is too high. Not too many issues with these so I don't know what you mean by refurbished. If you're going to spend that much I would look at the newer Wolf dual fuel units.
they repolished the stainless steel, grates, etc. I can't find another used dual fuel. New is like 11k :(. I found several gas ones, do you have any experience with them?
I never liked the all gas units. I see alot of new on line for under 7K
They are based in your state- maybe could get a deal?
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Parts wise, is there any difference between an older dual range with the newer ones? Yes I've seen all gas ranges for around 3-5k.
The newer ones have better burner heads not susceptible to loosening up and then warping. I meant dual fuel for under 7K not all gas. Plus you'll get a decent warranty if it's still the same- 2 yrs parts&labor--5 yrs on many parts

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