Is a 2006 Wolf Range a good purchase?


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Feb 12, 2023
I've been looking at Wolf ranges for some time now. I have a 48" Jenn Air with a gas grill that has seen its days and I want to replace it with a Wolf 48" range with a grill.

I was going to buy new but the price has gone up significantly and the wait time is over 6 months and you need to pay up front.

Looking at used options, I found a few, and one which physically is in very good condition almost looking new, the vendor of course has cleaned it up very nicely, and the
price he offered me is 6400$

It's a 2006. I was surprised when he told me the date of manufacture, since it looks so good. That would be the same date as my Jenn Air, so I'm a bit concerned about
its operation. The vendor says it works with no issues. My Jenn Air works well too, but I'm having issues with igniters and such and some of the components are needing replacement
now and the costs are high for parts.

I would like to move up to something with a little more power, I'm somewhat of a "chef" and cook daily, so it gets a lot of use.

QUESTION: Is $6400 (taxes and shipping included) about right for a 2006 48" Range with 6 burners and an grill?

also, what is the most likely component to fail and what would I expect to pay for a repair.

I have the unit on hold and need to make a decision by Monday.

I'd be concerned about getting repair parts down the line.

You might also want to make sure there's a Wolf service depot in your area as well.

I guess by post vanished. No worry about parts for that age unit and SZ/Wolf services are easy to find. My lost post asked model# and if it's for the type of gas you have.
Hello all, I ran the s/n by the Wolf service department and the told me it was produced in 2005, sold and installed mid 2006 and they had no record of it being serviced in the 5 year warranty window and could not provide info beyond that.

Also, an update on the price, I dont know why I thought it was $6200, the price including taxes and delivery is actually $8200. Do ya'll think it is still a decent deal?

Yes I have several Wolf repair centers here, I'm also very handy and do most of my own repairs as I come from tech industry.

I just cant seem to find anywhere that I can validate the price for this unit. It seems to be good, but I want to be sure.

I hear ya, but been looking now for nearly a year and it seems that this is about what you would pay. I guess everything is on the rise. If I remove taxes and shipping the "list" price Im paying is about 7000$ They are shipping it from out of state. A new one is 14K plus 9% tax so thats nearly 16k.
What are the sales tax laws from the shipper. Usually if I buy from out of state no sales tax.
Have you looked on Facebook marketplace at all? There are constantly people renovating kitchens and wanting to sell perfectly good typically lightly used ranges of this type. We’re in many cases it’s the contractor selling it for cash because the homeowner doesn’t care. You’ll have the most luck finding them and higher income areas where people renovate just to renovate. Take a look, you’ll be surprised.
I just looked and within three hours of my house there were more than a dozen 48 inch ranges, ranging from $2000 up to the prices you’re talking about.
Hey guys its been several months now since I purchased the wolf range. I called Wolf before purchase and they said that even a 2006 is rock solid and told me to call them directly if I ever had any issues and they would give me full support as if it were a new model. They told me 8600$ seemed like a good deal if if was in good shape. I got it shipped from California, took around 4 days, and it arrived perfect. After unwrapping I was very happy, it almost looked new. Took me a few weeks to get the new spot in the kitchen rewired and gas piped. It was different than my Jenn Air, gas line had to come down real low. Got the hose from HD and hooked up myself. The electrical I was not positive of the connections so I hired an electrician, cost a 100$ to hook up.

Everything worked perfectly, the infrared grill was amazing, just as powerfull as my outdoor kitchen aid infrared. Cooks a thick steak in minutes. Only takes about 10 minutes to get to operating temp. Lots of smoke when you toss a steak on it but I have a external fan with lots of horsepower so no smoke in home.

But it wasn't before I used the burners that I realized what I had missed all these years....they are SO DAM POWERFUL!!!!! I cannot tell you how much its improved my dishes and with a lot less effort and time. I should have bought this 15 years ago. Compared to the Jenn Air its night and day. The simmer position is also amazing, down to the lowest setting without going out.

The ovens are slower to get to temperature than my Jenn Air convection over, that kind of surprised me, but i compensate by just turning them on early before I start prepping. Takes about 15 minutes to get to 400. The convection beats the regular oven by just a couple of minutes. That is the only disappointing discovery. The Jenn Air would get to 400 in about 8 minutes, really nice if you just want to crisp up a hoagie or something.

I would not not hesitate to spend 15K on this stove now that Ive experienced the difference.
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