Is Samsung Refrigerator model RF28R7351SR still being manufactured?


Dec 29, 2020
Northeast PA
Hello - I ordered a new Saumsung Food Showcase 4 door French Door Refrigerator, model RF28R7351SR from Lowe's in early November for an early "Black Friday" sale. To date I have not received this refrigerator yet and I keep getting emails from Lowe's every week delaying my delivery. I've called my local Lowe's store and visited in person and keep being told that they have a certain amount of this model "in production" and that they are expected to have them fulfilled to their distribution center the end of January. I called a few weeks ago and was told the middle of January, so it seems the date keep getting pushed back further and further.

Luckily I don't actually need the refrigerator until the middle of March when we move into our new home, and I hesitate to cancel the order and look for something else because we received about a $1,100 sale discount on this one that I'm unsure if they would honor on a comparable model. I am leery whether this model is still being manufactured. I called Samsung directly and they told me they are still being manufactured, however I think all they did was look up the item on their website with my zip code to tell me this, so it didn't leave me with a lot of reassurance. I am wondering if anyone from this forum may know if this model is still being produced or not, or could point me to another resource to get this information? Thanks in advance.