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ITW4871FW1 Inglis (Whirlpool) Washer Squeak only during fill cycle


Jan 10, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years

I have a Inglis (Whirlpool) Model: ITW4871FW1, High Efficiency top load washing machine. During the fill cycle (when the washer is first turned on) it makes an ear piercing squeak as the agitator turns while it fills with water. It does this most times, but not every time the washer is used. For the remainder of the wash cycles, including the second fill cycle, it does not make this sound. I'm stumped as to what is causing it. I know it's not a water pressure issue because we live on a rural property and our water pressure is significantly less than city pressure.

I've included a link with a video to illustrate the noise: Video

Thanks for your help!
That is a odd noise that I have never heard before, and also I don't hear the water filling.

Can you please start the video when you first start it and let it record longer please till we hear the water filling as well?

Also DOES it does this on HOT ONLY? COLD ONLY? WARM ONLY?

I'm on well water and my pressure tank switch is set at 40/60 psi. What is yours set at?

I also have a whirlpool top loader washer doing the same thing. Was there ever an answer determined?
@justiceismini never came back to answer, in fact the video he/she posted in their 1st post is gone, why people do that is beyond me.

You can start a new thread with your model number.

Click here: Appliance Parts

Then you will see a link that says: How to find a model number.

Your welcome.

Hello Jake. Since last contacting you my whirlpool washer has continued to make the squeaking sound noted previously. I do have a video for you to listen to and am attaching it below. Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.
Not sure prior attempt to send video came across.

Thanks for the video, unfortunately I've not heard that noise before on this model, hopefully another tech. that has can shed some light on this issue.

Other than that>ITS BEST You can contact Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 and have a tech come out, and if that tech doesn't know either, the tech can call the factory on a special FACTORY HOTLINE tech number from your house, and the factory can get involved in investigating...

Ok John, Glad to help.

Let us know if you could please what the tech. finds, I'm very curious myself.

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