Jake and this forum = godsend


Dec 20, 2021
Los Angeles
I had a problem with a dishwasher, and this forum is the only place that was actually helpful. Supremely helpful. I mean, saved-me-lots-of-money helpful. And more importantly, made-me-look-like-a-hero-in-front-of-my-wife helpful.

A simple search returned multiple threads of Jake (and others) giving step by step instructions for diagnosing, disassembling, ordering parts, and fixing. I didn't even need to post my own question.

This helped immensely:

If I hadn't seen one particular post about my updated model having a different control board than older versions, I would've been in a serious mess. My main control board was good, so I replaced the UI board. All working again. Can't believe how knowledgeable Jake and others are, and how willing to help us common folk.

I'm happily donating $ to this site. Others should too. Jake basically saved me a repair visit from someone like himself, so here's alternative compensation.

Thank you.
Excellent @Slohcooker glad that thread helped you fix your GE dishwasher.(y)

Thanks for the donation!

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