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JB645EK4ES oven bottom element will not consistently work after replacement


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Nov 25, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
I bought this electric oven new 7 years ago and recently the bottom element in the oven stopped working. After replacing the element, it does not work consistently. Occasionally the element will heat up, but not reliably or regularly. The top element works fine, as do all of the stove top elements.

Any idea what could be wrong or where I should start testing?

Occasionally the element will heat up, but not reliably or regularly.

The bake element cycles on and off to maintain temperature. What is the actual oven temperature when set on a specific temperature?

Please measure the oven temperature after the element has cycled 2-4 times and report back the results.

Dan O.
This is the problem, it does not cycle at all. Only the top element cycles. There is zero heat from the bottom.
When it does actually cycle, it works fine, however. The problem is that rarely happens.
If the element is new, about the only things that could stop it from heating is a problem in the wiring to the element or more likely for an intermittent problem, a problem with the electronic control. It might have been damaged when the element failed.

LINK > GE JB645EK4ES Oven Control Board

Alternative supplier with current stock of part:

LINK > GE JB645EK4ES Oven Control T09 (no photo)

Dan O.

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