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FIXED JDS9860ACP Jenn Air Elec Oven shows f1... error code


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Jun 26, 2010
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More than 10 years
Just jumping in here 10 years on.
I was cooking a batch of beans in my Jennair this afternoon and though I had the temperature set quite low (300F) the beans scorched black very qucikly.
as I was removing the pot from the oven and wondering "what they heck?" I noticed an F1 error on the display. (I turned it off before I saw if there were other digits behind it.)
reading up here though it seems F1-X is a superheated oven. which seemed to be my situation.
Here's my question.
before I dig in and start testing various components, if an oven is operating correctly shouldn't the heating elements turn OFF when the oven reaches target temperature?
trying my again just now, with the temp set at 400F (and showing that it is already at 400F) the elements are still blazing red.
would that not be an indication that the oven is racing past it's set temperature?

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Please post your range's complete model number so we can look up which exact product you're dealing with. You can find tips for locating the model and serial number identification tag on your appliances at the following link:

LINK > Model Number Tag Location Guide

shouldn't the heating elements turn OFF when the oven reaches target temperature?


Dan O.
My probe Ohms tests at 1065
(which I think is normal.)
next steps?
though rather than wait til it goes to 650F and does the error code thing (I guess I could just stand and watch it so if if overheats it at least doesn't stay there too long)
how else can I check if it is overheating?
an In Oven thermometer would be handy. but I don't have one on hand.

if I set it to say 300F, once it reaches that temperature should the lower heating element turn OFF (stop glowing) until teh temperature drops back down below 300F (currently it just stays glowing which I assume means it is still heating the oven, even after it reaches target temperature)
once it reaches that temperature should the lower heating element turn OFF


On that model there are 3 things I can think of that might cause overheating. 1. The oven sensor. 2. The electronic control and 3. The relay board that switches power to the emenents.

The sensor should be able to be fairly easily tested and your results sound reasonable.

LINK > Appliance411 FAQ: How do I check an oven temperature sensor?

For the others the service manual at the following link might help to determine which?

The relay board might be most suspect for your symptom but it is discontinued and NLA. If needed you might need to send the original board away to be repaired.

LINK > 12001694 or 71002035 Relay Board services

Dan O.
I think I again answered my own question.
playing around, I see that if I set the Target at say 300F, I can see the Preheat light as the temp ticks up to 300F
then the unit Beeps to say "I am At Temperature"
But the lower element at least stays glowing.
if I leave it for.... 10 more minutes (set at 300F) and then set it to... 500F when it kicks in I see that the temperature displayed is already at about 425F and inccreasing.
which tells me that when I had it set at 300F it just kept heating.

and then 5 more minutes and it is at 500F.

so I think I have a runaway oven.

to recap. the probe measures 1065
BUT ! yesterday I scored a discarded same model unit.
so I can canibalize it for parts. (though it was discarded the owners said because it was getting some F1 error too. and they thought their control panel was shot. but they do not use this Forum for diagnostics so they could be wrong)

where do I start?

Next I am going to trying swapping the relay board. (if I can find it.)

Found it I think.
So I guess I'll just swap this part onto my #1 unit and see if anything changes. (though they might have a failed Relay Board too....


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Well, a long complicated transplant operation from my Donor range seems to have resolved the overheating problem.
In the end I swapped four replacement parts that I salvaged from my donor: circuit board, relay, ignitor and high limit thermostat (HLT)

the HLT and ignitor had nothing to do with the overheating. but were just Bonus saves.
the original HLT blew when I shorted things out clumsily removing the back panel without shutting off the breaker.
the clickers on my burners haven't worked correctly for several years - we lit them with a BBQ lighter - but now they work correctly and reliably

so the overheat must have been as a result of either the circuit board OR the Relay. (I guess I could figure out which by only swapping out one at a time, but I don't care. Though maybe I should - because if either of the parts is still good, someone else could use them. Let me think about that.)

in any event, oven temperature seems to now be holding steady at the set temperature.
and so that is a great improvement.
thanks again as always for talking me through things

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