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JDS9860ACP Jenn-Air Range - How universal are oven heating elements?


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Jun 26, 2010
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wouldn't ya know it - I got all organized for a Pizza Night (from scratch - we are not just reheating frozen pizzas here) last night, I set the oven ot max temp of 550deg and..... it stalls out at 315.... no heat from the lower element. (backup countertop convection oven saved the day)
this was a surprise as just two days ago it had heated up great for bread baking.

This morning, expecting the worst (i.e. circuit board failure which would basically mean tossing out the entire oven since the circuit board costs $425 and a replacement 2nd hand oven wouldn't cost a third that ) I still did the mandatory continuity test on the element itself and Hallelujah! it appears the element is bad.

Question. before I race out and buy an actual new replacement element, how universal are these oven heating elements? I happen to have one or two dead ovens on their way to the trash from whcih I could scavenge an element. one of the donor ovens is a KitchenAid convection. YKERC507HW2)
if the attachment points line up correctly, are these elements basically universal and interchangeable?
or is there something unique one to the next.?

this one is Jenn AIr JDS9860ACP but appears to be made by Maytag.

Hmmm, well the kitchen aid one (photo below) appears to have a completely different design. so it is a non-starter. but the Jennair one seems very familiar looking.


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