Jenn-Air Gas Kitchen Range


Jan 22, 2010
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for all the information that I have found on here. it was all useful and helpful.

I did a full kitchen makeover this year, and the wife wanted to switch to a gas stove, (because if you watch all the cooking shows, all the chef's use gas.:D)
I thought I got a real bargain when I found a 2nd hand Jenn-Air JGS8850ADS Gas Kitchen Range. ( I did as far as price )
What I did not bargain for was all the headaches.....

This unit has had what seems to be ALL of the problems that people have complained about on here and other sites.

The problem is that there don't seem to be many solutions posted.

In my neck of the woods, a tech is about $150.00 an hour.
Not worth my time.
I would rather go back to an electric oven for that kind of money.

So after reading and researching and experimenting ALOT....
I seem to have fixed all of the problems with the stove myself.

Granted, I am not afraid to tear it apart and fix it myself.
These are DIY fixes that a tech would never do, but they are all easy and they work.

I would be willing to share my fixes with people if there is a bunch of interest out there.

I am sure that most of this stuff applies to similar units.

But maybe people just got fed up with this unit and kicked it to the curb.
thats where it belongs.

Jenn air USED to be high quality!!

This thing is krap quality built on krap design. But I can make it work.
I think I just like the challenge.

So if you guys want to know what I have done to fix stuff, just let me know.

If not, me and my stove will fade into the sunset....alone.....

stove issues

Ignighters - randomly turning on
ignighters - not working

Door not closing properly ( heat escaping )
Secondary fan not working