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Jenn-Air JGS9900BDB all gas range oven shutting off


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Nov 8, 2021
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Hi all,
I just discovered this Forum and I certainly appreciate Jake and his team. We have a JGS9900BDB Jenn-Air down draft range that came with the house. At first it would just beep and the oven light would operate randomly. Then the oven would turn off and revert to the clock during the preheat cycle but after restarting several times it would finally work. Then eventually it stopped even preheating by shutting off within 2-minutes of setting it. We had a technician out and he said it was the control board and it would be $500 to replace it. We declined and started looking for another downdraft range only to find that only Jenn-air and Kitchen-Aid make them and none are available.
After viewing other posts here, I thought it was apparent it was the oven control board. I replaced the WP8507P236-60 control board with a new one and it is dong the same thing. I guess I need to check the igniter for voltage? I read another post that said to check for 120 volts at the connector. I assume that means disconnect the wire from the igniter? Is that the only check for the igniter?
On Appliance Parts Pros, they show two piece numbers for the igniter. One is piece 3 and the other is 7. It appears that piece 3 is the entire igniter and piece 7 is just the part that makes the spark, but the complete assembly costs less. Do I need piece 3 or 7 if it is the igniter?
Thank you again for the assistance with this. We are in the middle of Montana and it is not cheap to get someone out here, not to mention finding someone available.
Okay, I jumped the gun a bit posting the above. I just took the bottom plate off of the inside of the oven and the igniter glows bright orange when starting the oven. Still no gas though. Gas valve perhaps?

If you turn on BROIL does the gas fire up within 60 seconds?

If so, your gas valve should be fine and the culprit would be the BAKE glow bar ignitor.

Here's the bake igniter glow bar for your model you can order:
Oven Igniter WP7432P143-60

So I just turned it on "Hi Broil". The igniter started glowing in about 15 seconds and the gas came on in about 30 seconds. The broiler stayed on for at least a minute with no sign of going off. I turned it off and switched to "Bake"and the Bake (lower) igniter glowed bright orange for about 30 seconds and then switches off without any gas appearing. The oven light flashed and a click is heard when it turns off.
One other strange thing occurs that I did not mention above. The downdraft vent fan kept turning itself off before I changed out the WP8507P236-60 oven control board and it is still doing it with the new one installed. The stove is also beeping and turning on the oven light randomly like it did with the original board, although not with the same frequency. No trouble code or other panel indication appears. It may be haunted by ancient Montana Indian spirits.
Could the problem be the oven safety valve WP74006345 malfunctioning for the "bake" side only? It appears to control the gas supply to both the broil and bake function but it must sense the igniters separately to determine which function gets the gas.
If I could get another range I would haul this thing to the dump and never look back. My intention is to replace it with a Caturra down draft and regular range when the weather warms up in the Spring if I can get a new non-downdraft stove. I don't envision myself trying to put a vent blower on the outside of the house in 0 degrees that we will be having soon.
That's very strange, sounds like you a short in your wiring, or rodents have made a nest in your range insulation and starting to chew the wires. LOL Seen that many times when the weather starts getting cold.

Check every inch of your wiring first!

If you no rodents OR wiring shorts, then I'd need to come to your house to investigate this problem, I can't do it remotely.

Thank you for the assistance. I'm going to change out the 20-amp breaker that is dedicated to the range. I can actually see the entire exposed circuit from the range through the unfinished but heated basement for about 25 feet to the main panel. If that makes no difference I will try another technician. There is no sign of any rodents in any place along that path nor under the cabinets. I'll post how this comes out here if you want. I'm inclined to go with the Indian Spirit thing for now.
Ok, yes this is a very UNCOMMON problem, keep us posted.

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