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Jenn-air model JES9860ACB-RT update radiant style cartridges to the glass-top cartridges

Randy B.

Jun 26, 2021
Tiny, Ontario
Model Number
More than 10 years
I’m trying to update the radiant style cartridges on our 2008 range to the glass-top cartridges that I purchased 2nd hand. The problem is that the “new” cartridges have 5 spades while the existing terminal block only has 4 openings. Secondly, when putting the glass cartridge on the grill side, only the rear element comes on. Can I adapt things with a new terminal block, switches and wiring?

Dan O.

Appliance Tech
Staff member
Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
I'm not clear on what you're saying. Very old Jenn-Air cartridges, had 4 flat spade connectors plus a round ground pin. The later Jenn-Air system uses 3 flat spades plus a ground pin. One of those 3 spades acts as a common connection to both elements.

It is usually possible to convert the wiring of 4-spade cartridge to use only 3, by opening the old and new cartridges to use the wiring of the original 3-spade cartridge as an example.

If the wiring is actually soldered to the flat spade terminals, a new terminal can be purchased which allows easily attaching wires using a screw instead (see the following link).

LINK > Flat Spade Terminal

LINK > Screw, Spade Terminal

Altering the wiring of the range would be much more difficult and preclude using the newer style 3-spade cartridges in the future.

If you are trying to use a cartridge from a different brand of appliance, I'm not sure (and am doubtful) you'll be able to.

Dan O.
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