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Jenn-Air PRG3000P stove top burners propane conversion


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Jan 17, 2023
Ottawa Canada
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I have an older Jenn-Air range model PRG3000P which I want to convert from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane. The manual says that for the stove top burners "Tighten all cooktop main burner orifice hoods down until seated against the integral predrilled LP pin." There are no pins on my model just the tube that the hood screws down on. Can I just screw the orifice hood down, it will contact the top of the tube, and will that work? I am the original owner and have never touched the stove orifice hoods as when I bought it it was set for Natural Gas and that is how I used it until now when I want to convert to LP.
Can I just screw the orifice hood down

Usually, yes. You could always try it on just one first to see the results.

Dan O.
As there are no pins underneath the hoods won't the orifice remain the same size even if I tighten it down.
All 4 burners are 15000 Btu. Do you know what size orifice hood would be required for each of the 4 orifices?
The simmer orifices on it now, which I have used with natural gas have a very small orifice hole. They may still work and I can't see how they could be smaller.
Thanks for your help.
Ranges equipped with 'universal orifices' don't need any extra parts to convert them. If those parts are not there, I don't know where they go. I've never heard of them being removed.


If they're really not there, the valves will likely need to be replaced to be used with LP.

Maybe check with a licensed gas appliance installer.

Dan O.
Yes I find it strange but they are not there for any of the orifices including the oven. Perhaps it relates to ranges being delivered in Canada.
I think I know the LP correct size of orifice for the burners and oven so I guess I can just install those sizes of screw on orifice hoods and not need the underlying pin. You say the "valves" will need to be replaced but don't you think a new hood orifice of the correct size for propane will work?
Again thank you for your input.
You say the "valves" will need to be replaced but don't you think a new hood orifice of the correct size for propane will work?

If you can get them, sure. However, if the range was designed with "universal orifices" there aren't usually any specific LP orifices as they're not needed. I do see that the parts list does show LP orifices which as my logic suggests, that model doesn't have universal orifices in which case those directions don't apply to it.

The LP orifices listed for that model (LP simmer 73001136 and 73001138 and 73001124 for the bake and 73001127 for broil) appear to be NLA. It might require some ingenuity to find something suitable.

Dan O.
The manual does say to replace the hood orifices for the oven and broiler, and adds that the replacement orifices are wired to the tubing. They weren't. I'm in the process of looking for the replacement orifices hopefully I'll find them. Again thanks for all your help, you're a trooper.

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