Jenn-Air Range 1988 or 89 model , needs parts - cheap

Terry Toolman

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Jul 25, 2021
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Model Number
I need some parts for repair an old 1989 Jenn-aire range top 48" - 6 element. There is no model number on the Jenn aire factory tag only a serial number. Jenn aire says that it is not a jenn-aire and has no information on the switches (no help)
The tag state it will use cartridges A100, A111 and A120. I can just just parts to rebuild the cartridges.
I also need a couple of switches.

Hoping not to speed a lot of $$$.

This is in an island that will be hard to remove and replace also no gas is available so I am also looking for an 48 Electric replacement range if you know of any.
I can just [need] parts to rebuild the cartridges.

I assume you wanted to say, need parts...

What kind of cartridges are they?

You can see the repair parts for coil element cartridges at this link:

LINK > Jenn-Air Range and Cootop Parts

I also need a couple of switches.

That's going to be much harder. For those you'll either need its actual model number or get to the switches or get all identification numbers printed on each. Those numbers might be able to be traced to current equivalent parts if you want to post them here.

factory tag only a serial number.

On some older Jenn-Air model there is a tag on the side of the downdraft ducting, under the cooktop.

Post the serial number as well anyway as it might help at least confirm it is a Jenn-Air model.

Dan O.
Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I meant to say "can use parts for repair" or "need parts for repair".
Also it was not the Serial number but the Part Number 201595E (Jenn-air says no such part number) and the tag was located on the the downdraft ducting.
I need cartridges or parts for the stainless cartridges, I don't like the ceramic tops, I gave mine away. Any other topsI would be opened too.
Attached are some pictures.


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