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Jenn-Air Range JGD3430WS00 One ignitor only sparks once


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Mar 4, 2016
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6-10 years
On my Jenn-Air (JGD3430WS00) When ANY of the knobs are turned, all of the igniters spark but only the burner for the individual knob gets gas. This seems to be by design. It's always been that way and has worked fine, until now. I have 1 burner whose "knob" isn't working right. When I turn any of the others, I get the fast clicking. When I turn the one ID'd as #12 on the parts diagram (connected to VALVE, GAS TOP 17K, Part# W10467730) the ignitors click 1 time and stop. The gas keeps flowing to that burner but doesn't ignite due to the 1 click(spark). I'm wondering which of the following is the likely problem:

Diagram# 12 W10467730 VALVE, GAS TOP (17K) (RPL: W10184131)

Diagram# 21 W10854963 SWITCH, IGNITOR (RPL: W10239016)

or hopefully Diagram# 7 WP74009336 IGNITOR, COOKTOP (RPL: 7432P121-60)

Burner Box Assembly.png Cooktop Parts.png

Any staff member suggestions would be appreciated.
So I've installed a new switch set (pictured above) and everything seemed to be working correcrtly. When I went to use the cooktop later that day, it was back to it's old tricks. It was like I'd never installed the new switch(s). Perhaps there's something else wrong and it shorted out the new switches?
Odd it worked for a while!
1) bad new part
2) bad wire somewhere and it just got jiggled during your repair
3) spark module ( odd on 1 burner would be effected )
4) poor ground
5) burner caps/covers not in place
6) Electrode dirty
7) reverse polarity

jeff sr.
How can I test the part or should I just return it for another?

If testing, pic of wire harness socket labeled with wire colors is attached. Please indicate position switch should be in for testing. All are currently in off position.



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Wire diagram from the range may help...but from the pic I see:

One black appears to be common to all.
Black to red is one switch.
Black to blue is one switch.
Black to Yellow is one switch.
Black to black is one switch.
Simple continuity test is fine.

jeff sr.
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