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Jenn-Air Range/Oven JDS9860AAB turns off randomly (when either blower or oven is turned on).


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Jul 13, 2020
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More than 10 years

So I got this gas range/electric oven combination for my parents (my father has really wanted a gas burner with a downdraft for a long time and their previous range was from Jenn air and lasted 30 years) - but I have been noticing alot of weird behavior with it.

The touch panel and clock works perfectly, but it shuts off randomly whenever the downdraft is activated (either low or high) and whenever the oven is turned on (making both pretty much unusable). On top of that, when it shuts down the only way to reset it is turn on and off the breaker in the basement. However, it won't turn on the first time, you have to turn the breaker on and off a couple of times before it will finally turn on.

I checked the wiring in the house, changed the outlet and changed the electric cable going into the range/oven to new ones and can confirm with my multimeter that there are no shorts on the back of the oven.

I am thinking it might be the control touch panel (I don't know, I saw this talked about in other threads), the clock board with harness thing (which is really hard to find) or maybe the oven thermometer, or something completely different.

I am kinda at a total loss and other than the electronics crapping out, he likes the look of it and having gas (with theoretical down draft even though its not working). I'd really try to fix this for them within reason.

Does anyone have any ideas or have seen this before or maybe give me some guidance? I'd really appreciate it.


Model: JDS9860AAB
Serial: 20594685EV
Random update.

So I just put the vent on to see how long it would take to shut off, it took about 10 minutes and the whole front panel went off, the downdraft vent shut off & the ignition sparks wouldn't work for the range. Then I just started pushing cancel a bunch of times for almost 1-2 minutes and it came back on with a message "Power Interruption" scrolling across the screen...... I am so confused.....
It really sounds like a electrical problem or a short in your wire harness when downdraft is activated, I'd disconnect power first and check all the wires in the range and downdraft area for any frayed or shorted wires.

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