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Jenn-Air Range PRG3010NP - Igniters that will work on old oven, when official parts are discontinued


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Sep 13, 2022
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Hey all, bought a house a couple years ago with an old Jenn-Air. Both the bake and broil igniters failed at like the same time.

I have home insurance on it, so I gave them a call to come replace it. The tech that came by said that the igniter switches are discontinued, so they'd have to just provide a check for the unit replacement, but they gave us only like $800 which seems absurdly low for a Jenn-Air, even a wholesale price. They mentioned that they go by the lowest cost of the current model of any manufacturer with similar characteristics, which they used a GE stove... not even GE Monogram which doesn't make sense. I'm pushing back on them since the fine print indicates they do separate Jenn-Air, Viking, etc, to limit their liability on payments for customers that have those high end appliances, which seems to indicate that they do payout more for higher end appliances.

At any rate, I was hoping someone may know of any 3rd party manufacturers that may make the same part that will fit, and work properly?

Seems like the oven and broil igniter part numbers are EAP11743952 and EAP2079421, from ww.easyapplianceparts.com/

Any help is appreciated!
There isn't much functional difference between ignitors of that style except the size, mounting bracket and wiring connections. The wiring can be spliced and the mounting bracket transferred so that isn't a major concern.

Here are a couple of ignitors that are the same size as the originals and should work in place of them. They would just need to be spliced into the existing wiring. I don't even think the bracket would need to be changed. Both are OEM parts, one even from Whirlpool! (I don't know why they didn't substitute the original Jenn-Air part # to it.)

These links are pertinent to this topic. They were supplied by this message author. Please visit them.

LINK > Intermediate length Bake Ignitor

LINK > Whirlpool 'long' Broil Ignitor

Dan O.
Thanks! Maybe I'll order these, and call a handyman to just install for us. Appreciate the quick responses!!!

(and yes, I will be getting that $800, but I need to push back to try to get more, because that seems insufficient.)
Actually, sorry - stupid question I would need just one of each, correct? Looking through the part/model diagram, it seems so, but considering this knowledge is a little outside my bailiwick, don't want to mess up if more than one each is needed. Thanks!
Yes, one is for the bake and one for the broil burner. Each burner uses a different one.

Dan O.

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