Jenn Air Refrigerator hasn't worked in 10 months


Oct 17, 2011
My Jenn Air refrigerator hasn't worked properly in 10 months. Yes I said 10 months. I have called JA associates at least 50 times and tried to work through their system but they are absolutely dedicated to poor customer service and ABSOLUTELY against replacing an obviously failed product. I have had two of their "right tech" certified repair companies in my house to evaluate the refrigerator and the refrigerator has been taken apart at least 6 times with no absolute diagnosis given. I was told recently that the compressor needed to be replaced so I begrudglingly went along with the "open heart transplant" and it FAILED. As I write this post the temperature inside my fridge is 69 degrees......I hope my kids dont drink the milk tonight or I will have an even bigger lawsuit against Jenn Air. I have called many many times and the people I speak with are rated on their performance evaluations based on the number of trade outs they can avoid. Think about this......the very people who are supposedly there to make me a "customer for life" (Whirlpool's new slogan....LOL) are rated on stopping me from getting a new replacement refrigerator when mine has obivously failed. I have called everyone I and get transferred to in their organization and no one is interested in helping me get resolution to my problem. Recently one of their associated said she understood what I was going through. I asked her if she has ever been without a refrigerator for 10 months in her entire life and if she hadn't I really wanted her to STOP saying that she understood what I was going through......Her reply, well sir, I would have just bought a new refrigerator by now......... What the heck is that supposed to mean.. Their own employee would have given up on her own company and not expected them to honor their warranty they committed to when she purchased the refrigerator? ALL I am asking here is for someone to offer me help, advice or any other path that would solve this problem. This refrigerator was $7,000 when purchased and I cannot believe that Jenn Air is not willing to honor their warranty. I recommend that anyone readying this NEVER buy a Whirlpool produce ever again.