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Jenn-Air W131W does not turn on


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Oct 4, 2015
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More than 10 years
Hello, My Jenn-Air oven does not come on. About a year ago the power was out to the house, the next day my wife pushed the Bake button and a Code F1 came up on the screen. I reset the breaker and the oven came on without an issue and worked up to about 4 months ago when it would not come on. I reset the breaker again and it worked without a problem up to a week ago. The same issue happened with nothing displayed on the screen but after resetting the breaker it did not come back on.

The breaker is good and there is power to the unit but the control unit does not light up, with no action from the buttons. I have removed and reinstalled the heating elements thinking one of them may have a bad connection but it did not work. I am going to search for a repair manual to troubleshooting but found this site first. With that said, I wanted to check to see if there may be certain parts to check first so I did not waste time on something that would not cause a total outage of the unit.

I apologize for the novel, any and all help is greatly appreciated! -Bowden

The problem is the clock oven control board if your breaker is fine.

Unfortunately, Its No Longer Available from the factory.

It shows 4 for your model: Jenn Air Model W131W Circuit Board & Timer Parts from RepairClinic.com

Don't know why it shows your model shows 4 of them, but its likely there is a revision on it where they upgraded this clock oven control board through the years.

Thanks Jake, since this part is not available I'll check to see if it is repairable.

Again thanks for the swift reply back!

Sounds good, Glad to help Bowden.:)

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