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FIXED JFC2290VEP3 Jenn-Air Refrigerator Jackhammer-type noise

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Apr 24, 2012
Portland, OR
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We're now experiencing our third problem with this $2500 Jenn-Air refrigerator we purchased in September of 2010. It's started producing a very loud jackhammer-type sound in the upper refrigerator cabinet; you can hear it two rooms over even with the door closed. The sound switches on intermittently. It's not the compressor because I can tell when that comes on, and that's a much quieter, lower-pitched hum.

The noise sounds like it's coming from that sort of dome in the upper middle back. You can definitely hear a switch when it shuts off.

Any thoughts? If we call the appliance repair guy (again) I'd like to give them some idea of what we might be looking at.

I have seen threads regarding sounds like this having something to with the water filter.

As background, we first had the repair guy out around ten months after we bought this unit because frozen water was collecting in the bottom of the freezer. We attributed this to a clogged defroster tube, so the repair man cleaned that out and defrosted the coils. But it started doing it again a few months ago, so we had the same guy come out again (with the warranty expired). He disassembled it more thoroughly this time, and I think he widened an opening a bit.


Shawn Marshall
Portland, OR
Thanks for the quick reply; I appreciate it.

I'm fairly comfortable disassembling and reassembling things like this. Is this something I should be able to look at myself, or should we call the repairman? Again.

Looking at that plastic cover I'm seeing no screws. Maybe it's snapped on? Any way I can tell for sure? I don't want to tug too hard on something and break it.

By the way, what does an air damper motor do?

Thanks again.

As I look at the diagram it looks like the grille part of the unit might come out revealing a screw.

Yes, should just pull/pry out towards you.


I pried off the cover and listened for the sound. It's definitely coming from the air damper; I can see the damper slowly opening and closing as it makes that sound. The sound lasts a second or two after the damper opens or closes (it seems to get louder), then you can hear the electric switch when it shuts off.

If I remove the unit am I likely to see any visible issues with it (that I'd be able to correct) or should I just order a whole new part?

Thanks again for your help.

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