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JFFCF72DKL01 Jenn air Refrigerator keeps going into sabbath mode


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Oct 26, 2021
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1-5 years
i just bought a jenn air refrigerator model # JFFCF72DKL01 and it keeps going into sabbath mode.

It errors in 2 ways.

  1. lights and temps stay on but buttons not responding and sabbath light off.
  2. light and temps off and sabbath light on
If i unplug it then the interior lights and temps will come back on, but switch itself off again quite quickly.

I imagine this is a control board issue.

I am comfortable fixing this if anyone can point me to the correct part online to fix it.

Owner's Manual said:
Sabbath Mode
The Sabbath Mode is designed for those whose religious observances require turning off the lights and dispensers.

ON - All interior lights and alarm tones will be disabled.
OFF - All interior lights and alarm tones will be enabled.

■ Press and hold the Sabbath Mode touch pad for 3 seconds or until the indicator light is lit to turn on this feature. Press and hold the Sabbath Mode touch pad again to turn off this feature.

If that does not reset that function, the control may be malfunctioning and need to be replaced.

Dan O.
thanks but i should have mentioned i tried that but the buttons are not responding
iownmeok said:
the buttons are not responding

There are 3 possibilities I can think of.

1. There might be a disconnection between the control and the actual electronic control at the rear of the fridge.
2. The electronic control on the back of the fridge may be malfunctioning.
3. There may be a 'sales demo' mode for the control that disables the controls from being changed.

Unfortunately i can not find any technical information for that model. There should be a 'tech sheet' with its wiring diagram that might show some test procedures or how to switch into and out of demo mode but I don't know where that wiring diagram may be on your model. On some French door models it can be folded up inside the top door hinge cover.

If you can find the tech sheet, it might help to narrow down the possibility.

Dan O.

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