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JFX2897DRM02 Jenn-Air Refrigerator Intermittent problems


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Dec 21, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
My Jenn Air fridge serial # K75111881 ~4-5 years old has had intermittent problems requiring me to do a reset (shut breaker off for 10 min) on 4 occasions. The first was the ice machine stopped working I thought it was weird and thought a switch was stuck. Then all of the lights on the fridge went out except for one on the door, and a clicking sound (like a solenoid) could be heard. I powered it down and back up and everything including the ice maker was working again. Each time this happened, a hard reset fixed the problem but it would need to be off at least 10 min. I am planning on doing a good cleaning but does this sound like a control board is going out? If so is it the Main control board or the refrigerator control board? If it is the board in the dispensor, what are the functions of it (just lights and ice machine or does it have temp control etc......) The fridge is working at the moment but thought I would stay ahead of it. Any help is appreciated
does this sound like a control board is going out?
It's a common problem on that model. Here's the part you need . It's out of stock wherever I check.
Thanks does it control cooling or just the lights and ice maker? I am trying to gauge how much risk I would like to take
You have three boards not counting the dispenser board. The power board supplies the AC and DC voltage to the main board and the main board controls everything else. It supplies the AC voltage for the LED board and the board converts it to DC voltage for the LEDs. On the bottom of your tech sheet is the board pinouts for checking voltage. Your tech sheet should be behind the grill or under a hinge cover.
How would I go about checking if its covered under warranty? I went on the Jenn-air site and the contact us page isn't working
It's covered for the first year only. Page 32 of the owner's manual.


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