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FIXED JGB920BEF2BB GE Profile oven igniter

Marcia Gaudet

Premium Member
Nov 14, 2022
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hello; Our GE Profile model # JGB920BEF2BB, purchased in 2004 has never needed repair, until now, as described here.
1. Temperature is set at desired temperature, the glow plug glows, but it takes 15 minutes or more for the burner to ignite.
2. Once lit, it is very slow to reach the desired temperature, but it eventually does.
3. When it needs to relight to maintain the temperature, it doesn't, and although the temperature on the display shows the desired temperature, the temperature in the oven continues to drop because it hasn't relit.
4. The broiler functions properly
5. The stove top burners function properly.
6. Have I forgotten any pertinent detail?:p

If we could even find the part to make a repair, would it be worth it to fix this on an 18 year old stove, when everything else works fine, and could my handy husband accomplish it? Could you provide the part number?

Thank you, and when you reply, I will gladly donate even if you don't tell me what I want to hear:ROFLMAO:. This is such an easy forum to navigate!
Marcia Gaudet

Poor heating, slow heating, glowing igniter but sometimes no flame all point to a weak bake oven igniter.

Part link below has video help on changing this part.

jeff sr.
Thank you. I'm sorry I haven't looked for a reply until today. Stuff going on. I'll look into this part. Now, how do I donate? I promised I would. Oh - I found it!
Bottom of the page has a donate button.

jeff sr.
Part received quickly and my husband installed it this morning. We're back in business and grateful! Thank you very much. I'll send another modest donation. I'm spreading the word about your service!

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