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JGS968 Does anyone have the GE mini-manual with glass touch reference point instructions?


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Sep 29, 2017
New Rochelle, NY
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I have a GE oven and recently I went to replace the wiring harness. To do that I had to remove the panel from the oven, and there was a notice on the panel:

Attention: It is extremely important to set glass touch reference point any time control area is accessed. See mini manual for proper procedure. PT. NO. 205C2793P001

So I assume if something is being replaced on that panel it needs to be calibrated. Here's a pic:

glass reference point.jpg

Though I didn't have to disconnect the control unit from the glass I'm still curious what this means, since I probably will have to do this at some point. I can't find the mini-manual they speak of.

There was a pamphlet under the display with some technical info but nothing about this.

And I have read the JGS968 service manual that I found in a different thread on this forum and I don't see it mentioned in there. Also I googled, and there's a few people saying use 6 and 8 to reset the LOC REF message.

Does anyone have the GE JGS968 mini-manual? Although this calibration issue isn't a problem for me yet I'm trying to think ahead... Thanks.

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