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JGS968B0H3BB GE Profile gas oven won't ignite


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Jul 11, 2022
Ambler, PA
Model Number
More than 10 years
Model # JGS968B0H3BB
My broiler works fine but the oven burner won't ignite. I replaced the ignitor (which glows good and bright). Burner still wouldn't ignite. Replaced temp sensor. Still doesn't work. I'm guessing gas valve? Bad board? I wouldn't feel comfortable replacing those, so my question is: how much can I expect to pay for troubleshooting and replacement? Worth it on a 20 year old oven, or should I start shopping for a new one? Thanks for any input.
mjhawk said:
I replaced the ignitor

Did you replace the ignitor to solve this immediate problem or just at some time in the past? If it wasn't replaced right now, don't rule it out. Ignitors can glow and still be defective.

LINK > JGS968B0H3BB Oven Igniter Assembly WB13T10045

mjhawk said:
I'm guessing gas valve? Bad board?

All the control does is send power to the ignition system. If the ignitor is glowing, the control is doing its job and not the cause. If needed the gas valve is around $100, service $100-$150 depending on local rates..

LINK > Oven Gas Valve WB21T10014

mjhawk said:
Worth it on a 20 year old oven

If the total cost would be more than 1/2 the price of a *comparable* range model, shopping for a new one is likely the best route. Do keep in mind you might need to also have a gas fitter come in to disconnect and then reconnect a replacement range. That'll be $75 - $100+ on top.

Dan O.
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Did you replace the ignitor to solve this immediate problem or just at some time in the past?

Thanks Dan - I appreciate the help and expertise! The ignitor was just replaced as part of my effort to trouble shoot. One thing I didn't mention - the old ignitor was a rod-shapes one with no metal cage around it. I couldn't find an exact replacement, so the new one is a flat bar type with protective cage. Don't know if that makes any difference..
There are 2 basic types of ignitors used in gas ranges, one with flat squared ceramic base, the other a round ceramic base. They are not interchangeable.

LINK > GE *Round Base*, Oven Ignitor # WB2X9154

The one called for by your model number has a squared ceramic base.

LINK > JGS968B0H3BB *Rectangular Base* Oven Igniter Assembly WB13T10045

Anything different must have been installed during previous service. It was probably not a genuine replacement part.

If the part you installed is the correct type for the range, I can only think the oven gas valve is now defective. The only way to be sure would be to test the amperage draw of the ignitor.


Dan O.

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