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JJW9630AAB Jenn-Air 220 double oven heating to 300° Max even after not reaching temperature after replacing bake element and thermistor


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Dec 4, 2018
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More than 10 years
Jenn-Air 220 double oven heating to 300° Max even after not reaching temperature after replacing bake element and thermistor model JJW9630AAB

Could use some input from other appliance technicians on a job I have currently. It is an older jenn air/maytag 220 double oven range, model JJW9630AAB. Upper oven would not heat past 300. Tested bake element and thermistor, neither was obviously bad but both tested at the far low end of listed range. At the tail end of a 12hr day without time for further troubleshooting, considering this and the age of the unit, I recommended to replace both and felt that would likely get us in the clear. We had parts on hand and were able to do so, however it has not solved the issue or improved heating at all. I have to return tomorrow to do more troubleshooting and nail down the actual cause. Only thing I can think of is control board issue. The customer will not be happy to hear this I'm sure especially if it means a new board is needed.

Might be coincidental/irrelevant, however she also reported having occasional issues with might user CP/glass touch pad not responding, requiring hard presses or multiple attempts to select temperature, settings etc. It was working fine while I was there by all appearances, however. I did remove it and did a good clean of all contacts with electrical cleaner and since that time it has seems to not have had any further issues. I think it was just grease build up there however thought I should share in the event it is some unknown indicator of possible issue here and or with control board I'm not familiar with. If anyone have any experience with this or it can provide any additional expertise on troubleshooting the control board it would be very greatly appreciated.

If this issue is with the control board I am very much hoping there might be a possibility of repairing as opposed to replacing. I'm not highly experienced in it but have been making an attempt to become more versed in control board diagnosis, repair and refurb myself and have successfully rebuilt a decent number already. I stock a variety of capacitors, resistors transistors, relays, tools, have a power supply etc at my shop which is very close by to the customer. I have been trying to be prepared with all I need on hand as opposed to buying kits. I am interested in continuing to become more versed in this and unless requiring logic chips and such have had what I needed for the past few at least. I am pretty green to it and learning on a case by case basis, no background in this kind of thing and outsourcing refurb is never something we have offered unless it is the only option. I have rebuilt a handful and have been successful thus far even when feeling very out of my league with 27ish pin chips and such being my first ever attempt.

This is a regular customer of mine and I need to do everything in my power to fix this for the least amount of additional expense out of pocket for her, she is not unhappy that we have replaced the element and thermistor as she is a caterer and cooks a lot, but a new board would push the price way up there. I do however need to get this problem solved tomorrow if at all possible as she cooks daily. I worked another 12hr today and have Please weigh in if you have any advice on this thanks ladies and gentleman. At the time of diagnosis I was pretty confident that combination of new bake element and thermistor would solve the problem due to the phone readings I was getting and never sourced a service manual, have not had time to do additional research other then searching parts and repair kits of which I have found one but supposed to be for a dim/dark display which we do not have.

Worked a very full day today and still am have had little time to look into it myself, service manual if someone has it available would be helpful. I will have access to one myself if need be but trying to fast track this as much as possible and needing the get the issue at least correctly diagnosed tomorrow and solved if within my power I'm sure you all understand. I feel bad for doing the quick cursory diagnosis recommending replacing items that were aging but still functional. I am more concerned about keeping my customer happy than making money on this one and time is of the essence.
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