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FIXED JS760EL4ES GE Electric range F350 error.

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Richard Chase

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Dec 6, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
This range would intermittently give the F350 error code, pressing clear would reset it and oven would operate. Top burners always worked fine. After a self clean upon opening door a large flash was seen under cooktop. Now oven throws F350 within 60 seconds, never heats at all. The top burners all operate but they too now cause a F350 error. The warmer burner never gets warm, the F350 code comes up on it also. I can not for the life of me figure how to remove cooktop. Had back and fan cover off, could see harness and cabinet, no flash marks visible. Fan spins by hand. If anyone has schematic and disassembly directions I would greatly appreciate.
Whenever you start the oven the cooling fan is suppose to turn on.

If the board senses the fan is under 200 RPMs it stops the oven and logs the F350 error code:

Its also best to order the sensor too:
Board Sensor WB27X28659

I'm attaching the service manual below that shows you how to access it. Disconnect Power before opening it up.

Also make sure a tortilla chip is not stuck in the cooling fan blade, one member found that was the case on his. LOL



  • 31-17264 GE JS760EL1ES Mini Manual.pdf
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Thank you for the manual! No chip in fan, it spins fine by hand. I will remove top and do some hands on voltage checks. I have to figure out why the bake elements are causing a F350 error, why the warm element is not heating and what flashed. Will update you. Thanks again.
Remember what I mentioned Richard--->Whenever you start the oven the cooling fan is suppose to turn on. If the board senses the fan is under 200 RPMs it stops the oven and logs the F350 error code.

If that cooling fan is not running or running fast enough the bake element will never turn on.:)

Jake, I just reread what I posted. I wrote bake element and should have wrote surface element. The F350 occurs when using any of the surface elements. The F350 using surface elements occurred after self clean and flash. All surface elements except warming work fine but the F350 code comes up and the range beeps.
Ok, its the same with the cooktop elements as well per the tech. data sheet.

Installed new fan and sensor today. The cooktop now works but the oven still gets the F350 error. I am going to assume the bright flash was the fan motor by looking at it. I am also going to assume when it shorted out it took the main cba with it. I can not find a parts list for a JS760EL4ES, I can find JS760EL1ES, *2ES and JS760EL5ES. The main cba on the JS760EL5ES shows WB27X33138. I am beyond thankful for the tech sheet, I would have never been able to replace the fan without knowing how to remove cooktop.


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I also see what looks like a relay and is shown separate from the main cba but do not see it on the parts list.


  • f350hilo.PNG
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Yes, there is a parts for JS760EL4ES

Its right here: geapplianceparts.com/store/parts/assembly/JS760EL4ES

Your welcome Richard.

Just follow what the tech data sheet says to do for the oven F350 error code.

If the fan is now running, check that sensor I posted in post #2 above, that's probably the culprit for the oven F350 error now.

Let us know what you find.

Stove is up and working! Readers digest of what I found and what I did. Replaced fan and sensor due to open winding on low speed of fan (red wire). Bake elements now works but oven still gave F350. Checked for 110vac at pin 3 of J903 on main cba, 0 volts. Disconnected plug and checked resistance at connector to read fan resistance. It was a dead short to ground. Found red wire welded to chassis ground. Spliced red wire, replaced main cba. BTW, the high speed switch is part of the self clean, it is a micro switch that will only operate in self clean mode. I posted pictures in hopes of helping others. This is a great site! Please follow thru with progress.


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Excellent Richard, good job finding all those problems, that is very unusual to find the red wire welded to chassis ground. Glad to hear its back to working normal.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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