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JSP39WT1WW GE Profile Cuts Off Many Times While PreHeating, Then Finally Stays On


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Sep 21, 2018
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I have an old GE Profile model JSP39WT1WW. It just recently started this odd behavior when preheating the oven. I can set a temperature, then press Bake to confirm it, and it will act like it takes it, but then after about 20 or 30 seconds, it stops preheating and goes back to the clock. I can do this about 10 times or so, until the oven heats to at least around 115 - 125 degrees. Once it hits the temperature it likes, it will finally stay on. Even if I turn the oven off, as long as the temperature is still above this "sweet spot" temperature it desires, which seems to be getting higher each time, the oven will stay on.

So, it seems the oven doesn't like operating while it's cold, and so keeps canceling the preheat/baking until it detects the warm temperature it desires, which was 110 the first time it happened. Does this sound like the thermal coupler or something else? I'm trying to locate this part, though the current manual I'm reading over doesn't provide mention this part.


Edit: After reading more about thermocouples, it seems those are only fuses, which would imply if it was bad, then it shouldn't work at all, correct?
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Aug 24, 2004
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Hi Mike, I'd ohm test the oven temp sensor first.

The oven temp. sensor is a probe type part that you can see inside your oven, you can get access to it from the back of your oven too, where it has a electrical connector on it. Unplug your range or turn the breaker OFF first before ohm testing it.

Here's the oven temp sensor for your model:
Oven Sensor WB21X5301

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