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KAWS700LQ0 Washer makes a strange noise at start of agitate but more so when it spins


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Dec 21, 2022
Redding, Calif
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More than 10 years
This washer is a kitchenaid KAWS700LQ0. It's really a Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer.

It makes a strange noise sometimes when it begin to agitate but most of the time when it hits the spin. (see video's below)

What i've done. I changed the transmission (used one from appliance parts man), the noise didn't seem to happen at first but after a day or so it's returned to the same noise. I replace the clutch and agitator. (seems when it's cold it does ok, after back to back run it makes noise in agitation.)

#1 The washer will fill and agitate (sometimes noise on regular, not on light load). I've not tried it on permanent press though. i wasnt sure if the contacts are different in the timer for the different wash cycles? i will try permanent press... wondering if there if noral load contacts are worn and burning etc..... the timer is year Dec 2003... part # on it 3954848

#2 agitation if not noise runs nice and quiet.
#3 stops and pauses and drains with no movement of drain.
#4 fills up to rinse and agitates this
#5 stops and pauses and drains.
#6 when the time hits "spin" it will begin to spin but it has this noise - see video and it's like it's chugging - spins... sometimes it just stops the noise and continues the spin and sometime it does not and i have to turn off the timer and advance it one click turn the timer back on and it begins to spin normally.

Here is a video of it making the noise.... it's can happen in agitation and begin to spin. it's not consistent it seems.

Link #1 , this shows the end of a water drain and the begin of a spin... and has chugging noise and then stops noise and spins quietly.

Link #2 extra rinse mode , drain and then it hits the spin - makes noise and doesn't stop.i have to advance the timer one click and it spins out ok.

Thank you for any time you could help.


Hi Rob, could be the motor capacitor is weak or the motor switch or motor itself.

Here's the capacitor for your model:
WP8572720 Capacitor

You can test the capacitor with a digital meter or analog meter.

Watch the video it will show you how to test capacitor. Unplug the washer first.

If the motor capacitor is fine, Either the centrifugal mechanism in the motor is not working or the motor switch is bad. The start winding in the motor is only meant to have power applied for the 1-2 seconds it takes to start the motor and then it is switched out of circuit by the centrifugal mechanism activating the motor switch. If it doesn't disconnect the start winding, it will burn up the capacitor and can damage the winding. You can test the switch and see if it's bad.

If the washer works ok on slow speed, then the centrifugal mechanism in the motor is working. Unplug the washer, then Check continuity between the two outermost terminals of the switch. With the switch in place, it should read as a dead short. Pulling the switch away from the motor releases the switch lever arm and now the reading should be an open circuit.


Here's the motor switch for your model:
Manufacturer's Number: WP8529896

Here's the motor for your model: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Drive-Motor/WP8529936/4438157
Thanks for this. i plan to check this soon. right now i have to nurse it until i get my "other washer - 2018 maytag commerical" back as it's being warranty service once again. I use this old time washer in between. I plan to tear it all down when i get my other back. i've tried another tranny yesterday and at first it worked fine with no noises but at the same time the neutral drain wasnt working right and after 3 loads it was functioing correctly (no spin when draining) but then i had the noise once more. i ran about 5 loads and only had the noise once. So i plan to check the motor parts as you listed and then replace the spin tube with brake and at that point all that is left is electronics.

Thank you again!
Ok, let us know how it goes.
Hi Rob, could be the motor capacitor is weak or the motor switch or motor itself.
Might also be a loose connection at the motor. I just finished days of troubleshooting on mine and that's the sound it made when it was making intermittent connection. In my case it was the white (neutral) and the orange (spin) terminals. There was alot of carbon built op on the connection. Eventually it just stopped spinning as there was no connection. Cleaning the contacts fixed it for a bit, though they were so burned up that I do need to replace them.

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