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KAWS750JQ0 KitchenAid Clothes Washer Agitator Weak, Slips


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Mar 27, 2023
South Bend, Indiana
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello, I have a KitchenAid (Whirlpool) KAWS750JQ0 top-loading, direct drive, washing machine with an agitation problem. The upper portion of the agitator works fine (brand new dogs and kit). The lower portion goes back and forth OK with no/light load of clothes, or low agitation wash selections, but with more clothes, or on higher agitation selections, the agitator tends to drift with the flow, instead of going strongly back and forth, allowing the clothes to spin around and become entangled around the center.

Also, when high agitation is selected, a knocking sound can be heard. I have replaced the clutch assembly, and I have removed and inspected the brake shoes, cleaned them, cleaned and lightly sanded the brake drum, and replaced all with a clean dab of grease at the appropriate parts. All to no avail. I opened the transmission a couple of years ago to replace the Neutral Drain Kit, on a separate matter, and the general condition was fine. Of course, something new could have broken. I wondered if the symptoms I mentioned here ring a bell with anyone who can point to something I don’t know about before I start to play blind man’s bluff with the transmission. Thanks for your help.
Have you inspected the connection between the agitator base and transmission shaft for wear and slipping? That would have been the first thing to do.

Agitator Example - Mating Transmission Shaft
agitator-spline.jpg ge-dome_med_hr.jpeg

If worn the agitator would need to be replaced. Unfortunately it is discontinued but there does look to be some used one available at the link below.

- LINK > KitchenAid Agitator WP3950579 or 395057 or 3950580

Dan O.
Thank you, yes. I gave it a good inspection by eye and then, with the transmission out of the machine, placed the agitator on the shaft and tested it by hand and found it to be a solid lock-up. Great thought though (and super diagram), please keep 'em coming.
Rick goes into great detail about this transmission here:
I'm not sure what else to suggest. Hopefully another tech will offer their opinion.
Well, there is something comforting in knowing that I've gotten past easy pick-in's for the pro's. I see another tech gave me a good transmission link to follow, so I'll get going and perhaps I'll find out something worth knowing. I'll let you know, thanks.
Rick goes into great detail about this transmission here:
Great, thank you. I'll dive into it.

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